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India Largest Reality Tv Show


Bigg Boss is an Indian reality television game show franchise produced by EndemolShine India through Viacom 18 and Colors, broadcast in India, subsequently syndicated internationally and made available online as VOD through OTT platforms. There have been 7 versions of the show in 7 individual languages spoken in the Indian subcontinent. The first show of the franchise was Bigg Boss in Hindi which debuted in 2006. The franchise has extended its presence in Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam as of 2018. Though only celebrities were selected to be the housemates in the initial seasons, general public have been auditioned to be on the show in the latest seasons of Hindi, Kannada and Telugu versions of the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online

In the show, contestants called “housemates” live together in a specially constructed house that is isolated from the outside world. Housemates are voted out (usually on a weekly basis) until only one remains and wins the cash prize. During their stay in the house, contestants are continuously monitored by live television cameras as well as personal audio microphones.

The program relies on techniques such as a stripped back-to-basic environment, evictions, weekly tasks and competitions set by Bigg Boss, and the “Confession Room” where housemates convey their private thoughts to the camera and reveal their nominees for eviction. At regular intervals, the housemates privately nominate a number of their fellow housemates whom they wish to be evicted from the house. The housemates with the most nominations are then announced, and viewers are given the opportunity to vote (via SMS or online through social media and smartphone applications) for the nominee they wish to be evicted or to be saved from eviction. The last person remaining is declared the winner.

The contestants are required to indulge in housework and are assigned tasks by the producers of the show (who communicate with the housemates via the omnipresent authority figure known to them only as “Bigg Boss”). The tasks are designed to test the teamwork abilities and community spirit of the housemates. The housemates’ “luxury budget” (weekly allowance to buy luxury food items other than the supplied essentials) depends on the outcome of assigned tasks.

Bigg Boss is a Hindi (Bollywood) adaption of Big Brother created in Netherlands by John de Mol Jr., largely based on the Celebrity Big Brother model owned by the Endemol Shine Group. The show was named Bigg Boss and a house was constructed for the purpose of the show at Lonavla in Maharashtra. Bigg Boss debuted on television in 2006 through Sony Entertainment Television with Arshad Warsi as the host. The show gained popularity after Shilpa Shetty emerged as the winner in Celebrity Big Brother 5 (UK) and replaced Warsi as the host in the second season of Bigg Boss. From the second season, the show has moved to Viacom 18’s Colors.


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Awaken The Giant Within Book Review (Download Free)

Category: Reviews

I’m damn sure about your hard try to improve yourself if you’re reading the review of a wonderful book “Awaken the Giant Within” by the best life coach Tony Robbins.
I consider Tony Robbins as a teacher because with his book “Awaken the Giant Within”,  he taught me why should I keep struggling and what can I achieve.
Yes, it’s true.
In the book, first, he teaches us about the possibilities and impossibilities of our life.
Which things do you think are possible? And which ones are impossible for you?
Did you ever think about it? If no, then by the help of this amazing book, you will definitely reconsider your approach about the possibilities and impossibilities of life.
After reading the book, you will realize that whatever you can visualize you can achieve it.
After that, Tong Robbins has a long debate on power of decision.
Let me tell you the sentence that actually changed my life.
“Do you believe change can happen in an instant?”
Maybe not, as I did believe earlier.
But it’s not true.
Change can happen in a moment – a moment when you take a decision for yourself, as I myself changed my life.
I was living a life that I never wished to live.
But when I thought to change my life, I searched books on personal development and luckily read the book “Awaken the Giant Within” and it totally changed my life.
I started living a life that actually I wished to live because this book has re-coded my belief system.
I’m now sure that I can achieve my goals and its only me who can stop me doing so – and I won’t do it again.
After that, there is an amazing philosophy of pain and pleasure.
Tony Robbins believes that everything we do, we do to avoid some pain in life or for the sake of some pleasure.
He has explained it very well. Just imagine whatever you do, why do you do that? To get some pleasure?
Pleasure may be emotional satisfaction? Or to avoid some pain? Right?
But Tony Robbins in the book has wonderfully taught to use the power of this pain and pleasure.
He spells a magic by motivating you to achieve the life goals that you want to achieve in your life.
It’s possible to achieve anything if you follow the right key steps to success.
In the book, he has added some exercises to practice in life so that everyone can be successful in life.
If anyone of you follows the steps to success then I’m sure everyone can live a wonderful and peaceful life.
It’s not over, you have some other reasons to read the book.
Tony Robbins in his book “Awaken the Giant Within”,… Read More...

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Protocol 33

Category: Short Story

“Victor, turn off the radio.”

The room went silent as she walked into the kitchen. It was nearly time for the kids to be home.

“Victor, unlock the door.”

She heard the locks click on the front door, as she went to the pantry. She found some noodles and sauce and brought them over to the oven.

“Victor, I have a couple things I need you to do.”

“Yes Janice, what first?”

“Victor, turn on the camera at the front door.”

“What next Janice?”

“Victor, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.”

“Anything else Janice?”

“Yes.” She said as she placed the last ingredients in the box. “Prepare spaghetti for dinner.”

“What time will dinner be served?”

“Five thirty.”

“Janice, would you like me to make the Texas toast as well?”

“Victor, yes, sorry.” She replied as she put the toast in the now empty box.

“No need to apologize Janice.”

Outside the twins and her daughter were coming up to the door. It was beautiful outside, and a Friday, so they were giggling and joking.

“Welcome home kids.”

“Thank you, Victor.” They said in unison.

“Victor, what’s for dinner?” David asked, he was one of the twins.


“Mmm, I love your spaghetti Victor.” Ava said.

“Thank you.”

The kids poured through the door. “Hi Mom!”

“You ask her.” Ava said to Drew.

“Why do I always have to ask her?” he whispered.

“Just ask her.” said David.

“Fine,” Drew said, rolling his eyes. “Mom, can we go play in the game room?”

“How’s your grades?” she replied

“Mine are good.” David was the first to answer.

“Me too,” Said Ava

Drew was quiet. Mom noticed. “Drew?”

“Mine are OK.”

“Victor, what are the kids grades?”

“Ava, grade 4, has a c plus average. David, grade 2, has a c average. Drew, grade 2, has a b average.”

“Victor, allow Drew into the game room, and Drew only.”

“Of course Janice. Good work Drew.”

Drew’s face lit up and he trotted down the hall and went into the game room.

“You two need to head off and study. Victor, get the library ready and prepare the studies they need the most.”

“Library is ready.”

“Mooom, it’s Friday.” David moaned.

“Yeah,” Ava agreed.

“Should have thought about that before, now off you go.” she said shewing them with her hands. “Victor, have them out here in time for dinner.”

“As you wish Janice.”

A few hours later a black SUV pulls up the driveway. The garage door opens and it pulls in. The man gets out, clearly exhausted and heads for the door.

“Victor, close the garage door.”

“Yes Lincoln.”

“Daddy!” Ava yelled when her dad walked in. She ran up and hugged his leg as he put his brief case on the counter.

“Hi Ava, did you have a good day?”

“Uh hu. We played outside today.”

“Really, seems my letters finally paid off.”

“Victor, beer me.”

“Yes Lincoln.”

The counter opened up and a cold mug of beer came… Read More...

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Category: Poetry/Lyrics

The storybooks kind of tell you that to get away from monsters you can just run or hide.

But I guess that’s always been a temporary fix, hasn’t it? Even for them?
It’s still out there, waiting for you to peek around the corner.
The difference is that in real life the monsters get bigger and uglier and scarier the longer
            you hide
until you can no longer face it alone and you should’ve asked for help from the beginning and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

please don’t reject me. I’m not the kind of problem that gets stronger when you run.
I’m shrinking

                        I’m sinking

and it’s cold down here.
I know the only way to save myself is to climb     to struggle
      to fight to breathe

                                    to live



but it’s warm when I hold still and

I could just rest here, couldn’t I?
  Just for a moment









does anyone really feel time passing?

Without a tick   or beep   or call shout sting SHAME ON YOU

and you’d never know how big the monsters had grown if you just









and the cold
    is warm


                                          and comfort



is the feeling





of your life


















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White Clouds

Category: Short Story

Suddenly there is no doubt in my mind as those steady, slow notes begin to play—this is that song.  I wonder now how I ever could have forgotten, as the strength of a memory grips me.

My palms glide smooth and firm along the back of a woman, yet here I am standing on a sunny sidewalk next to a colorfully painted piano, watching you in amazement.  I feel that burst of glee again as I recognize the tune unfolding—a song I knew by heart without realizing I’d learned it. 

The strangers walking around us feel like old friends, and the leaves rustling in a gentle wind above me look impossibly beautiful. 

I feel it now in the room around me.  Large blinded windows cast a warm, diffuse glow around this luxurious room.  Sunlight dances in meandering patterns across the ceiling, refracted from the pond outside.  Small, bright specs appear like twinkling stars before disappearing and resurfacing elsewhere. 

The room is silent, save for that song.  It pushes on steadily, but with such an unhurried feel.  You played it even more enchantingly that day.  Here—the sound trails into silence that lasts just long enough for you to wonder if the song has ended—the artist and his audience are held breathlessly in the moment together.

Memories flash through my mind of conversations deep into the night, sitting outside in my car with my fingers going numb and the rush of honest connection bringing me to life in ways I didn’t know possible.

When sound fills the room again, it’s the same tune as in the beginning.  Is it quieter this time?  I want to believe it’s started over, that it’s a continuous loop and somehow we could have stayed there in that bright day forever. 

Calm hangs thick in the air around me.  Each moment seems to stretch past the confines of measured time… yet of course, I know it’s ending.  I lift my chin and turn my head away before tears can fall onto the table below.


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