Short Story

Humor, drama, fantasy, and adventure. All kinds of short fiction are welcome.

or from these other subcategories:
  • 99 Burning Lit - 99 Burning's frontman Don Eminizer has agreed to offer $25 for the best men's magazine story we can produce each month. Submissions will be accepted at Don's discretion and edited by him. The final piece will be around 500 words.
  • Humor/Satire - Make us laugh.
  • Poetry/Lyrics - It's not difficult
    Letting poetics provide
    Your thoughts with structure

Here are all our Short Story submissions

Protocol 33 by edloud
White Clouds by Ariahaha
Lost by Me'ira
How To Beat The Wide-Eyed Monster by 12mimi22
The Nowhere Man by 12mimi22
Graceland by tobiash
The Darkness Lurking Beyond The Shadows by 12mimi22
An Email To An Out Of Work Middle Aged Woman by 12mimi22
The Unforgettable Dinner Party by 12mimi22
The Forlorn Belle by 12mimi22
Blue Obsession by 12mimi22
Golden Circle by jsblankenship
The Arms Dealer by tobiash
Cynthia by jpoole44
A Shadow of a Princess’s Dream by settdigger
Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise-A Fictional Story-2 by 12mimi22
Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise- A Fictional Story-1 by 12mimi22
The Angel Defense by tobiash
The Angel Defense by tobiash
The Angel Defense by tobiash
Horonymous. by witchbitch
Simple Math by Chalice_Divine
Sekhmet and the Sorcerer by Chalice_Divine
Chugger Charlie by Chalice_Divine
Language of Life by jpoole44
The Rowboat by runrunrun
Tim Gets a Brownie by runrunrun
Barbara by Cora Broomfield
Melvin’s Last Dance by runrunrun
Cathy by julianyway
The Secret of Necromazzard by Prometheus
A Perfect Life. by witchbitch
Clickety Click by tobiash
Kimo and the Beautiful Garden by Prometheus
Repose by Prometheus
The Preist by Jay76
Morito’s Wings by Prometheus
The Last Inch by witchbitch
Mrs. Madison and The Polka Dotted Tie by scs101
The Adventures of Bumpy & Lumpy (A Childrens Fantasy) by tobiash
Decollate Apiarian *** Part Two*** by Green Fingered Skinner
Decollate Apiarian *** Part One *** by Green Fingered Skinner
People of the woods by Cyrus
The Windolyn Affair by marc.okon
The Manchild—Prelude by kjmaclean
Death Of A Party by Tom_Dawson
The Judgment Day by Prometheus
MOMENTO MORI by tobiash
The fall Of Grace by marc.okon
On the Quay on New Year’s Day by ctl1389
The Bills by Prometheus
Duty by tobiash
Number Seventy Five by Kappa
Playground by stone
THE BAY IT BUZZ by tobiash
Consolation by ramarsh
Can I Get This To Go, Please? by iwill
The Balloons by jwb1323
Bad Short Story Submission by julianyway
Faith, Hope and Chastity by Zack Wilson
Monica Selby’s Friend by littlewhitewolf
Phone by PTurbiville
The Tin Man by Captain Vegetable
Ten Steps by SarahJohannaGrace
Measus by SarahJohannaGrace
Genesis by SarahJohannaGrace
I Dare You by SarahJohannaGrace
Kyrie Eleison by SarahJohannaGrace
Dubious Rexus Erotica by littlewhitewolf
Heart of Loss by Piva
The Secrets to being an Australian Male. by qldwheels
Divas by jwb1323
Three Guys Over by TeamGrimace
The Therapist by Jay76
Queen Anne House by jwb1323
Bad Hire by jwb1323
To Keep Him Strong by Kirsten70
Deferred by bent
White Linen is Nicer by littlewhitewolf
THE SHORTY by Zachary T. Vickers
April Doesn’t Smoke by Dave Scotese
Daisy Chains by littlewhitewolf
A Thousand Tears by Alya Elvawiel
actionS Speak by friend of the night
View With a Room by invertebrae
Ironia de Edictum/The Irony of Ordinance by Van der Riese
Babel n Wain by Van der Riese
Agricola Margaritum Et Suillum by Van der Riese
Gas Leak by Locoperro
A Broken Christmas by Anne Onymus
Annie & Lucy by Anne Onymus
A Mad God And The Silent Children Sang by Van der Riese
Mrs. Buttercurl’s Red Rule by Van der Riese
Macaroni by dougro
A Thesis In Dreaming by Van der Riese
Yoyo and the Beloved Bukkake Party by cct8619
the observer: Chapter 4 (Fate and new experiences) by bookcat
the observer: Chapter 3 (sightings in the park) by bookcat
the observer: Chapter 2 (Unseen connections and new meetings) by bookcat
The observer: Chapter 1 (The view from both sides of a locked door) by bookcat