Short Story Winners

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Here are all our Short Story Winners submissions

Kimo and the Beautiful Garden by Prometheus
. . . And His Chivalrous Intentions by Evan Cox
Befriending Dead Uncle Joe by Dave Scotese
The Hole That Shawn’s Bed Made by julianyway
Dinner Alone by TeamGrimace
Rod’s Comeback by nealjt1978
Random Chicken Generator by littlewhitewolf
Getting Out by Jay76
The Virtuous Husband by jwb1323
A Humid Night by aggie9390
Green Tea by labramson1
Darkling Light by Jay76
Like Me by kathrynlee
The Boy With No Candy - a children’s story by Mikael Covey
Cryptic Night Out by littlewhitewolf
The Darkmount Trilogy by glutton
Mutual Appreciation by julianyway
The Will of Wonderful by Van der Riese
Saving Joe by littlewhitewolf
Head by Andrew
Speechless At Dawn by StarLizard
Funeral of Regret by littlewhitewolf
Life Sentence by Acci
Fall by StarLizard
Harry’s Balcony by littlewhitewolf
The Solo by Andrew
Chooka an’ Me by qldwheels
The Evil Eye by Acci
River Queen by Nettie
Interrogation by Mikael Covey
Ana by Anyakasha
The Corner Market in my Neighborhood by Captain Vegetable
A Face to Avenge by Dave Scotese
The Curse by Leserin
Tube Warfare by aardvark
Flying Fish by aardvark
The Snake Wife by Captain Vegetable
Zombie Stew: Step one - 1 dash of possesed undead by deminizer
Taeko’s Lesson by Dave Scotese
Zombie Stew: Broken Vows by deminizer
The call of the rutabaga. by winona