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Encourage people to cooperate or get involved in group efforts to further progress in areas you care about the most.

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  • Ask The President - This category is for questions to the man known as the leader of the free world. Since we'll be using a democratic way of selecting the best questions, there's a good chance that we'll get people to start thinking about stuff, perhaps some press, perhaps a snowball of some sort. Please don't post anything very long as the idea here is to start a conversation with the ruler.
  • Conversations - If you have an interesting conversation and the other participant(s) agree, you can submit it here for us to consider publishing.
  • Life - Philosophy, Advice, and Interesting Observations. All kinds of writings about life in general are welcome.
  • News - Commentary on or reporting of news.

  • Mind Change - Convince us of something.
  • Reviews - Have you seen something you liked or disliked? A book, a band, a bust, or a bubblegum flavor? Tell us about it!

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