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  • Riverside, CA - Ken Calvert is our Congressional Representative. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are our Senators.
  • Issue Themes - What should the next issue of Literal Translations be about? Vote through this category and then make your own suggestion.
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  • Blood sports - straight wagers - Boxing, ultimate fighting, and any other physical mayhem probably involving blood
  • Unpublished Book Contest - This is a $1000 contest. The following categories will each hold 25 entries. They will be filled in order. If you'd like to vote, go ahead and click one:
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  • Contest Archive - You can browse through closed contest themes and submissions here.
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  • Literal Translations - This is a collection of all entries that have won contests, broken into categories. These posts will eventually be compiled into a paper publication. Demand will shorten the wait, so if you want a copy, order one!
  • Football - straight wagers
  • Personal stories for Litmocracy Year 1: Growing green shoots through cracks in the pavement - You tell us a story about Litmocracy that affected you personally. The winner gets $10. Most all will be included in the forthcoming Litmocracy Anthology, Litmocracy Year 1: Growing green shoots through cracks in the pavement
  • Golf - straight wagers - for guys who really need to fricking gamble
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  • Miscellaneous - straight wagers - brass knuckle bs wagering on anything any two scaliwags agree on
  • Contest Voting - These short contests are closed to new entries, but are waiting for your votes. Come on in and let the authors know who's best!
  • Chomsky - If you'd like to write an open letter to Noam Chomsky, and you'd like others to support your letter, this is the place to do it. If this category fills up, I'll be attempting to get a response from him to the first place letter.
  • External Links - Litmocracy is looking for the best online literary magazines and aims to provide you with a list right here. We'll post a story and a link to the magazine whose editor(s) chose it as their representative. Please contact the webmaster if you're an editor and have a piece you would like to use to represent your site.
  • Freelance Samples - Here's where you should submit sample work if you're interested in picking up some freelance writing contracts. Simply pick a category, and submit a sample. You can also post your resume in the 'Resume' section. Could we make it any simpler? will review your sample and resume and let you know if he has any work to send you.
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