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6 Politically incorrect song lyrics by tobiash
Welfare vs Charity by Dave Scotese
Robot ZOO by tobiash
Feet by tobiash
Grubby Glitter by Cora Broomfield
Dinner With The Dionaea Muscipula by deminizer
Ten Addictions in Three Lines by StarLizard
My Sleepless Slumber by StarLizard
Notes from the Writers’ Block by julianyway
Historic Landmark Repossessed by Green Fingered Skinner
The Blob—A Memoir by tobiash
Dear God… erm, uhm, I mean Mr. President…. Please help me, I have Americanism… by deminizer
IRS Form CO69 by Dave Scotese
Macedonia’s Hopeful Holocaust by Sam Vaknin
The Second Middle Ages by Sam Vaknin
Democracy not for Third World by Sam Vaknin
More Than Just Curry by tobiash
Love By The Numbers by tobiash
BUG by Prometheus
Give me strength by StarLizard
Public Intellectuals: The Rise of the Librarians and the Decline of the Author by Sam Vaknin
Riots in Egypt about Food, not about “Freedom” by Sam Vaknin
The writing gig in Pennsyltucky… by deminizer
Candle Flame by Captain Vegetable
Respect Trash for the Poor It Feeds by Prometheus
Bagheera, Basement Cat - The Story by StarLizard
Being Old by StarLizard
The Competitor by deminizer
Time to Desexualize Our English by Prometheus
Arti’s Email by alesiram
Green Song by tobiash
Dear Boss by Green Fingered Skinner
Dueling Adverts by Green Fingered Skinner
Senility by witchbitch
Interview with Actress and Singer Linda Purl by Prometheus
Curiosity Caged the Cat by Redorigami
Professional Procrastination Phases Program by Tom_Dawson
Dragon Song by tobiash
I’m Here Because by Cora Broomfield
Until It Is: A Love Story by julianyway
The Bunnies of Time by tobiash
Tom by Cora Broomfield
Never Never Again by scs101
Freedom: Get Real. by julianyway
ELKO by tobiash
When you wake the morning by Sam Vaknin
Sexsomnia by Sam Vaknin
The Manchild by kjmaclean
Lasagna and College by GarySyck
Strange Normalcy by B. Lucid
Renting Humans by julianyway
Deepwater Horizon by Jim Kelly
The Zoo by Jay76
It’s Official.  Everyone is either crazy or stupid. by dayve311
Online Activism by Dave Scotese
Cookies by Lhargrave
Why the death penalty should be abolished - revisiting the Chessman case by BurtonHWolfe
The Stories of Devil-Girl by Prometheus
Afghanistan Banana Stand by Green Fingered Skinner
Lady Gaga Assaulted and Forcibly Draped by Green Fingered Skinner
Ernest Dempsey Chats with Kerin Bellak-Adams about ADHD Therapy for Children by Prometheus
Rumination, Innovation, More Rumination by Prometheus
The Long Spiral by witchbitch
Truth in Advertising by Dave Scotese
Civil Disobedience by Dave Scotese
Questions for Sheriffs by Dave Scotese
The Vitter Amendment by Dave Scotese
The Linearity of Pity and the Little Old Lady of Truth by julianyway
Accidents by Prometheus
Harris’ Identity Gets Stolen! by Dave Scotese
Somewhat Incomplete Autobiography by julianyway
The Virgin Factory by tobiash
In From The Cold by ctl1389
The Lovely Bones by Dave Scotese
The Miracle by tobiash
Monster Love by deand
Marlene and Earl by SlowNSteady
A Fish Story (An adult fairy tale) by tobiash
I will not join AARP! by Rreed423
An Open Letter to My High School by Kappa
Joseph Stack, Terrorist attempting to do good by Dave Scotese
What I said to Mary-Joh by julianyway
Unsung Heros by julianyway
Val McDermid Claims the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger Award (2010) by Prometheus
Joe Biden Sr.‘s old development, the Cliff House, takes out mortgage to pay for projects backed by B by deminizer
Modern Slavery by Dave Scotese
Missing Explorer Found Alive! by Green Fingered Skinner
Hardwood Floors by julianyway
A Simple Misunderstanding by tobiash
Welcome 2010, Goodbye 2009! by Prometheus
A Cold Day in November. by littlewhitewolf
Ed Roberts’ “The Nightingale Song” by Prometheus
Adieu Gubba! by Prometheus
Tutoring My Little Secret by Prometheus
Merry Christmas, Darling by Green Fingered Skinner
Lucky Pierrot’s Whale Burgers by Prometheus
Coffee by B. Lucid
The Gander’s Sauce. by littlewhitewolf
I’m in Love with a Stranger by B. Lucid