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Here are all our News submissions

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Teen Suicide and Social Media by Sam Vaknin
Cryptoassets (such as cryptocurrencies): Pyramid Schemes or Public Goods? by Sam Vaknin
President Trump by Sam Vaknin
Tourism, Safety, and Security: From Vacation to Staycation by Sam Vaknin
Will Trump Quit the Race? by Sam Vaknin
The Trump Revolution by Sam Vaknin
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - Fad or Fortune? by Sam Vaknin
Murderous Priests in Macedonia: Nationalism and Religious Co-existence in a Tormented Region by Sam Vaknin
The Last Macedonian: Myth, Apprehension, and Trauma by Sam Vaknin
ECB (European Central Bank) vs. Bundesbank (Germany) by Sam Vaknin
The Eurozone’s Greek Future by Sam Vaknin
Live and Let Die: The West’s Perennial Error of Picking Sides by Sam Vaknin
The Holocaust Revisited by Sam Vaknin
10 Predictions for the Coming Decade by Sam Vaknin
Israel in 2025 by Sam Vaknin
Narcissistic Cops: Police Brutality Explained? by Sam Vaknin
Post-colonialism Has Finally Arrived! by Sam Vaknin
Debunking 11 Myths about Hitler by Sam Vaknin
Narcissists, Social Media, and Porn by Sam Vaknin
Children of Same-sex Couples by Sam Vaknin
Croatia, Albania, Macedonia and EU Accession: The View from Brussels by Sam Vaknin
The first round of illustrations for winning submissions! by deminizer
Litmocracy Announces The Free Steve Hockensmith Short Story Mystery Contest With 15 Grand Prizes! by deminizer
Friction, Efficiency, and Volatility in Financial Markets by Sam Vaknin
Iran, Israel on Verge of Agreement by Sam Vaknin
Gunter the Grass and the Spirit of a New Germany by Sam Vaknin
Atrocities are Good, Massacres are even Better! by Sam Vaknin
Cape Fear (1991) by Prometheus
Threatened to Confusion! by Prometheus
AOL Billing Texan Man Wrongly for 6 Years by Prometheus
Screen Capture Of Brain Points by deminizer
‘Faith’ Being Killed in Canada by Prometheus
Arab Spring, Israeli Winter by Sam Vaknin
The Crash of the Century by Prometheus
Recovering the Self - Issue 3 by Prometheus
Ernest Dempsey Launches Gaining Positive from the Loving Healing Press by Prometheus
Health Care Bill: Development or Doom? by Prometheus
Breakthrough to Celebrate Holiday Party at the Therapy Lounge by Prometheus
Aussies Go 350 for a Genial Climate by Prometheus
United States to Benefit from German Solar Technology by Prometheus
Killing Poverty – Free Food may Mean Sudden Death for the Needy by Prometheus
Accidental Overdose by Green Fingered Skinner
Independent Publishers affected by Amazon by Dave Scotese
Litmocracy really wants the best writers by deminizer
Scientists with no time for research by Dave Scotese
Information Radio by julianyway
Future News Bulletin#2 by Green Fingered Skinner
Be a Reporter by Green Fingered Skinner
Fridge Magnatism!! by julianyway
New posting requirements by Dave Scotese
Spammer Attack!!! by Dave Scotese
David Cameron Editorial (Trying to write as a British tabloid paper) by SamUK
sunday post toasted… by deminizer
Andy on Phelps by balefire22
All Kinds of Spammers by Dave Scotese
AOL Watching me Browse by Dave Scotese
Ehud Olmert fills in for Sharon by Dave Scotese
Ragged-edged forum by Dave Scotese
Sunday Post… New World…can a brother Order a beer? by deminizer
Chess Tournament, 10 Dec., 2005 by Dave Scotese
Power of the People by penaway
News and Observations from 2005 by Dave Scotese
Al-Qaida vs the politicians by Dave Scotese
...on news & stuff…W/ sports…& beans… by deminizer
Property in Africa by Dave Scotese
How we use “Tax Dollars” by Dave Scotese
New Internet site publishes book for old one. by Dave Scotese
Abu Ghraib prison pictures by Dave Scotese
Fuel: Expense and Conservation by Dave Scotese
The HIV epidemic by boisetravis
What are dead celebrities doing right NOW? by CelebrityMedium
A Legitimate Question by Soonerthought
We are fighting a war on Terror, Aren’t we? by Dobi