Issue 6

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Here are all our Issue 6 submissions

A Humid Night by aggie9390
Weed by julianyway
Green Tea by labramson1
Rowena and the Devil by littlewhitewolf
In The Waiting by mmpottlehill
Explore Your World by Dave Scotese
Legacy of War by Les Dalgliesh
Darkling Light by Jay76
Hamlet’s Dream by Les Dalgliesh
The Boy With No Candy - a children’s story by Mikael Covey
Cryptic Night Out by littlewhitewolf
The Greatest Escape by Les Dalgliesh
More Lives Sacrificed Than Lost by thetraveler
Carelessly Tattered by julianyway
Couch and Blanky Blues (Dumpster Dive) by julianyway
The Will of Wonderful by Van der Riese