Creative Writing

There are 4 subcategories under Creative Writing:
  • 99 Burning Lit - 99 Burning's frontman Don Eminizer has agreed to offer $25 for the best men's magazine story we can produce each month. Submissions will be accepted at Don's discretion and edited by him. The final piece will be around 500 words.
  • Humor/Satire - Make us laugh.
  • Short Story - Humor, drama, fantasy, and adventure. All kinds of short fiction are welcome.
  • Poetry/Lyrics - It's not difficult
    Letting poetics provide
    Your thoughts with structure

Here are all our Creative Writing submissions

Chrysalis Emerging by archangel
You Probably Don’t Remember Me, But I Died For You Once by beresfo
Protocol 33 by edloud
Comfort by Ariahaha
White Clouds by Ariahaha
Good Intentions by Me'ira
Lost by Me'ira
The Workaholic by 12mimi22
The Green by gpharaoh
How To Beat The Wide-Eyed Monster by 12mimi22
The Nowhere Man by 12mimi22
Graceland by tobiash
The Darkness Lurking Beyond The Shadows by 12mimi22
An Email To An Out Of Work Middle Aged Woman by 12mimi22
Writer’s Block by 12mimi22
The Bully by 12mimi22
Shameless by 12mimi22
The Unforgettable Dinner Party by 12mimi22
The Forlorn Belle by 12mimi22
Blue Obsession by 12mimi22
Golden Circle by jsblankenship
Don’t Eat The Guvernment Cheeze by deminizer
Yezterday by deminizer
Found My Purpose. by Dave Scotese
Fiat to hell by deminizer
Silence and The Child Wihin by archangel
A Cold Beer In Hell by tobiash
The Bomb by Diana C
Lonely Room - Silent Echoes by archangel
The Arms Dealer by tobiash
Spilling my Soul by StarLizard
War Musings by StarLizard
Liam by deminizer
Endless summer by januaryember
Cynthia by jpoole44
Oh Prometheus by archangel
The Pool by StarLizard
Choice cut by deminizer
A Shadow of a Princess’s Dream by settdigger
Because… by deminizer
Naploean’s Maxims My Ass…. by deminizer
Born of Yehoshua Ben Josef by archangel
Helter effing skelter by deminizer
CHRON by tobiash
Can I Come With You Grandpop?? by archangel
Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise-A Fictional Story-2 by 12mimi22
Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise- A Fictional Story-1 by 12mimi22
Post deleted as only heading was present by archangel
Symptoms of a Romantic by archangel
Remembrances by archangel
Immolation by archangel
Dare We Contemplate Peace by archangel
Letting Go! by archangel
Innocent? or Ego’s Plot? by archangel
Transcendence by archangel
Princess Louisa and Lord Michael of Everwood by archangel
Deja-Vu: A Poem by 12mimi22
Why Students Hate To Take Exams by 12mimi22
Just Me and You: A Poem by 12mimi22
No More Blues In My Soul by 12mimi22
Angelicus by archangel
Nature’s Ownership by archangel
The Battle And The Journey Home - Everwood by archangel
The Parade Ground Beneath The Grass by archangel
Should I To You by archangel
Immolation by archangel
Star Light - Dark Night’s Fright by archangel
Darkness Or Light by archangel
As Was, Always Will Be by archangel
Journey to Being by Prometheus
Spinning the chamber… by deminizer
Ethereism by deminizer
Memories A Reminder Of The Past-A Poem by 12mimi22
In Short Order by Prometheus
Shingles Rash and Ernie’s Bash by Prometheus
The 21st Century Dilemma: Housework Is Easier Thanks To technology And I still Hate It, Part 3 by 12mimi22
The 21st Century Dilemma: Housework Is Easier Thanks To Technology And I still Hate It-Part 2 by 12mimi22
The 21st Century Dilemma: Housework is Easier Thanks To Technology and I still Hate It-Part I by 12mimi22
Alone In The Abyss With My Depression by 12mimi22
Catch Me If You Can: The Elusive Star by 12mimi22
Wondering Where It Went Wrong by 12mimi22
The Frustrated Artist Frees His dream by 12mimi22
How To Hide Your Mess Quickly When You’re Being Invaded By Unexpected Company by 12mimi22
The Angel Defense by tobiash
The Angel Defense by tobiash
The Angel Defense by tobiash
First Time to the Ocean by Prometheus
And Then We’ll See by StarLizard
Song Lyric—Nagging Chicken Blues by tobiash
On The Road To Bimbombey by tobiash
The Conversation Piece by witchbitch
Loki by deminizer
econolodge is just a memory by deminizer
Humbug Carol by tobiash
Keep Dancing by tobiash
Tools of the Trade by tobiash
Once Upon A climb by deminizer
My Desk by deminizer
Crowmarsh and London by Cora Broomfield
Atheism in a Nutshell by Cora Broomfield